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Katherine Jane (Throckmorton) Toothman


*Series (TOOK-AN001): Throckmorton-McGlumphy Series - VIEW IMAGES | Flickr | Family TreeProvenance: The Throckmorton-McGlumphy Series photographs…

Contributors: Katherine Jane (Throckmorton) Toothman

Greene County Courthouse


*Series (GCCH-AN001): Local History Series - VIEW IMAGES *Series (GCCH-AN003-0001): Justice of the Peace Docket - Center Township 01 - VIEW TRANSCRIPT…

Candace (Leckey) McPheron


*Series (LECK-AN001): Patton Series - VIEW IMAGES | FlickrProvenance: The Patton Series photographs were passed from Howard Louis Leckey Sr.…

Contributors: Candace (Leckey) McPheron

William Francis Jacobs


Provenance:*Series (JACD-AN001): Family Series - Flickr Background: In addition to photographs of relatives, this series includes a photograph of…

Contributors: David Kent Jacobs

Josephine Denny


Biographical Sketch of Josephine Denny: Josephine Denny was born 31 August 1893 in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania. She was the second of…

Contributors: Farley Toothman

Greene County Historical Society


Historical Sketch of the Organization: Since its incorporation in 1925, the Greene County Historical Society has strived to fulfill its mission to…

Contributors: Greene County Historical Society

Waynesburg University Paul R. Stewart Museum


Historical Sketch of Waynesburg University: In April 1849, the Pennsylvania Presbytery, meeting in Greenfield, Washington County, established a…

Contributors: Waynesburg University Paul R. Stewart Museum

Cornerstone Genealogical Society


Historical Sketch of the Organization: The Cornerstone Genealogical Society is a non-profit unincorporated organization dedicated to preserving the…

Contributors: Cornerstone Genealogical Society

Glenn Jacob Roy Thornton Toothman III


*Joseph Throckmorton Letter Series - VIEW IMAGESProvenance: Joseph Throckmorton, (Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania) to Laura Throckmorton, his…

Contributors: Glenn Jacob Roy Thornton Toothman (III)

Carrie Belle (Stewart) Smith


The Friends and Neighbors Series features photographs that do not appear to be known family members of Carrie Belle (Stewart) Smith. These images most…

Contributors: Amy Smith

Edward Kimmell Fogg


The Edmund Kimmell Fogg Collection photographs were owned and shared by Edmund Kimmell Fogg IV and his wife, Karey Williams, with the Greene…

Contributors: Karey Williams Fogg

Candice Lynn Buchanan


The Cook Series photographs were passed from Thomas H. Cook [1859-1938] and his wife, Sarah Matilda “Sadie” Grandon [1862-1942], to their daughter…

Contributors: Candice Lynn Buchanan

Zenia Gilbert


The Frank Jones Album Series photographs are maintained in original order, though they are displayed here as they appear in the album from the last…

Contributors: Zenia Gilbert

Marilyn (Brewer) Eichenlaub


The Marilyn (Brewer) Eichenlaub Collection photographs were passed from Glenn James Brewer [1897-1982] and his wife, Faye Irene Hickman [1900-1973],…

Contributors: Marilyn (Brewer) Eichenlaub