High Street (looking west), Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania (1864)



High Street (looking west), Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania (1864)


Dated 1864. Real-photo postcard of High Street (looking west) in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

The Farmers & Drovers Bank stands prominently on the southwest corner of Morgan Street. Catty-corner to the bank, stands the frame house of one of its founders, Andrew Buchanan [1780-1848], who also served as the area's U.S. Congressman 1835-1839.

Across Morgan Street from the bank, is the brick Crawford Mansion that was replaced in 1870 by John T. Hook.

Reproduction, no photographer or printer listed.

Archived at the Greene County Historical Society (918 Rolling Meadows Road, P.O. Box 127; Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370). Researched and digitized for the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Photo Archives Project between 2005-2012.

Also see item # WBGB-AN001-0010.


Greene County Historical Society (collection)
Waynesburg (Series)




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