Item # JACB_AN001_0001: Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania (circa 1876)



Item # JACB_AN001_0001: Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania (circa 1876)


Circa 1876. Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania.

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The following locations have been identified:

1) Cumberland Presbyterian Church, built on High Street 1868
2) Walton Hotel on the northwest corner of High and Morris Streets
3) Presbyterian Church (steeple), built on Morris Street 1849
4) Methodist Episcopal Church, built on Washington Street 1876
5) Downey House, built on the southwest corner of High and Washington Streets 1869
6) Greene County Courthouse, built on the southeast corner of High and Washington Streets 1850-51
7) Messenger Building, formerly the Hamilton House, on the northeast corner of High and Washington Streets
8) Original Greene County Courthouse, built 1797 on Greene Street, as of 2015 the location of the Cornerstone Genealogical Society
9) Flour mill
10) Hanna Hall, built 1850 on Waynesburg College campus
11) Union School, later North Ward, built 1864
12) Commons Cemetery
13) St. Ann Roman Catholic Church Cemetery
14) Green Mount Cemetery, established 1853
15) St. Ann Roman Catholic Church

Original, no photographer listed.

The Jacobs-Kent Series probably began with Eleanor Ann (Kent) Jacobs [1832-1902], wife of Henry Moore Jacobs, and daughter of David Kent & Elizabeth Barnes. Eleanor's photographs were passed to her son Joseph Warren Jacobs [1868-1947] to his daughter Helen Mae (Jacobs) Fonner [1922-1999] to her daughter Anna (Fonner) Blystone who with her husband, George Blystone, owned and shared the photographs with the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project in 2005. Each generation added to the collection with photographs from their own family and in-laws.


Helen Mae (Jacobs) Fonner (collection)
Jacobs-Kent (series)
George and Anna (Fonner) Blystone (contributors)




Helen Mae (Jacobs) Fonner (collection), Jacobs-Kent (series), and George and Anna (Fonner) Blystone (contributors), “Item # JACB_AN001_0001: Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania (circa 1876),” Greene Connections, accessed February 22, 2019,

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Judy Hazlitt Starsinic

I have been finding High Street was also named Main Street at one time!  Any information about this?  Judy


Candice Buchanan

The names are synonymous. High Street was the official name in the original drawing of streets and lots for Waynesburg in 1796; however, High Street is our "main street" and can be sometimes called so colloquially. 


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